How much do you charge?

It depends on these main things:

-What type of photography are you in need for?

Portraits, Fashion, Real Estate, Interier, Event, Product?

- Where will the photos be used?
Is it for personal use, professional life, for advertisement, a gift or for your portfolio?

-Do you want studio shots or on-location shots? 

- When do you need the photos to be delivered?

When taking photos of events, it doesn’t always matter what the clock is. The events are special and you need to capture all the moments. This requires being at least an hour in advance, getting everything ready, working with different cameras and capturing the right moment.

Events and magical moments will never go back. Therefore, taking pictures of events requires serious attention and readiness. If you are interested in taking pictures, contact me via email or phone number or drop me a WhatsApp message. Tell me about what type of photos make you happy and I will offer you the best possible price.

What is the experience like working with you?

If you were born before 1990, you must have visited a passport photography studio. 

A small, dark room in which the old photographer turns on the lights the moment you walk in, a cold and rocking chair where you have to sit while the photographer gives you instructions — turn your head, not the other way around, chin up, even higher, not so high, a little down… and a smile! More smiles! 

But again, not so much… Endless instructions will make your whole body nervous due to an unnatural pose. The resulting photo never looks like you. You look at her artificially, nervously, scared. The reason for the bad photos is not you, but the photographer. 

The human psyche does not allow us to feel comfortable under pressure, and our body, especially its face, cannot exactly follow the instructions and at the same time “smile”. The moment the photographer tells you to smile, everything is lost — you can never conjure up a natural pose. 

There is a big difference between a natural and an artificial smile because when we pretend to smile, our upper lips jump too high, the face is cramped, and the resulting smile is so awful that even our mothers would not like it. Yes, we all have this experience, and we are used to it. 

We cannot expect people not to be nervous while they are being photographed.

Fortunately, times have changed and these photographers have lost their jobs because they have not been able to move forward and have never studied the human psyche or body language.

I try to take pictures of people without instructions, with the help of friendly conversation. By educating about portrait photography, I ensure that my models are relaxed and by themselves. Because they know what to expect, they can be calm and leave the studio with positive feelings.

When a model is relaxed, it’s up to the photographer
to understand what she needs — a professional portrait on LinkedIn, CV or Facebook — and my stylist will take care of the model’s make-up and appearance, while I adjust the scenery and lighting, and help with posing. We will enjoy a pleasant time in a comfortable and decorative studio, and the model can immediately see the results on a computer screen to see what they look like naturally during the photo shoot.

I give my model a chance to go through the photos while they enjoy their coffee, and let them choose the photos they like. Makeup is very important, especially for models. There is a big difference between make-up for a wedding and make-up for a portrait photo, you don’t want to look like a robot or an artificial doll.

The texture of your skin must be intact and professional makeup must look natural. Professional portrait photos can be taken in the field and in the FotkAlp studio.

Many photographers do not understand the lighting technique. With natural light, you won’t always get the sharpness you want. The wrong lenses, gadgets, lighting, perspective, and improperly chosen photo editing are often used, resulting in cheap and lazy-looking blurry images. That’s why you will finally have a pleasant photography experience thanks to professional lighting, make-up, and tips, and everyone will notice your photos.

If you want to experience this, order a photo shoot or send me an e-mail with information on exactly what you need. I will contact you immediately and give you the necessary instructions and assistance until the photo booth is held.

Everything you need about Cascais Portrait Photographer and Professional Photographer related things, you can contact me.